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The DivX Player – the ultimate media player!

Nowadays many self-produced or in the internet available movies are saved in the DivX format. DivX is a compression process for video contents, in which information from the original picture or sound material is filtered and deleted. This means that the size of the video shrinks, without cutting the movie. In this way, DVD’s with a size between 4 to 9 GB are converted in one or two DivX files of each ca. 700 MB. Then the files match the usual disk space of a blank CD.


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S32 f4452c97 ff0b 4d06 b0f5 a1c0d451b2c1 Open Office

“OpenOffice”: The free office suite

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S32 25985199 8a10 4556 914a a02288b86496 Firefox

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S32 40f89508 64f6 40c3 84dc 77cefa28a1a5 Spybot - Search & Destroy

No chance for Malware, Spyware & Co. with the new SpyBot – Search & Destroy

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S32 1e3a677b 62a5 43ae bc55 23219ce19765 Windows Media Player

Play Music, Movies and all your other Media Files

The Windows Media Player ist the standard-app for Windows to play several media files. The final version of Windows...

S32 f5f2ad1c ac95 4f1a 8dea eecb16e995cd AVG Anti-Virus

“AVG Anti-Virus Free” is reliable and safe

With “AVG Anti-Virus Free” you will get an all-round protection for your computer. The anti-virus software is free for the...

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The data viewer by Adobe is the global standard for PDF documents

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S32 80ba40bc 3fc4 4810 8d5a 977302103408 VLC Media Player

More than a Media Player

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S32 82387460 0b63 4a5a a413 1e2828bf1060 Bewerbungsmeister

Über 100 kostenlose Vorlagen für Bewerbung und Lebenslauf

Die Bewerbungsmeister Software bietet Ihnen eine Vielzahl leicht anpassbarer Vorlagen für eine professionelle...

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“Google Earth” combines utility and fun in one application

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The Internet Explorer 10 – the next step

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S32 0f04abc2 bbb3 4deb 98f8 39c98e31ee04 Live Messenger

The best Messenger in the World

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“Windows Movie Maker”: Add sound, stabilized, go online

With “Windows Movie Maker” you have a video editor, with which you are able to cut and edit photos, videos and...

S32 fb2dd9ce 3bce 45cb bf15 f0a6515db980 DivX

The DivX Player – the ultimate media player!

Nowadays many self-produced or in the internet available movies are saved in the DivX format. DivX is a compression...

S32 447bd0a6 762a 4c6d a9b4 d0d6ed64292e 7-Zip

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Over time while working with Windows a lot of data leftovers accumulates, which are basically completely useless. For example...

S32 d00ab461 df41 4ff5 877f db88a36f8568 Angry Birds

Start playing Angry Birds on the “Big Screen”!

The Free Demo version of famous Angry Birds is now available for you Windows-Destop-PC. Now you can play...

S32 4bc4833b d0d6 4274 ac3f 8a7b7752718f Adobe Flash Player

The free player is an indispensable tool for playing flash animations

The “Adobe Flash Player” allows the representation of flash based content on your web browser....

S32 c7b9c14c 241a 41ca 9717 557b436f9ac6 Skype

Everywhere contactable – “Skype”

“Skype” combines Instant Messaging and telephony in one software. Through the network of “Skype” it is possible to call somebody...

S32 49b4cac6 196e 4842 93b4 1aa2bb1b8096 GIMP

The free “GIMP” as little brother of Photoshop

“GIMP” (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a program for editing pictures, for optimizing and mask out photos –...

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Browse the web much faster, safer & easier with Google Chrome

Google’s free browser convinces with its surfing speed. The internet content is displayed as fast like...